What’s Wrong With My Lawn?

Throughout the season lawn problems can occur. This problem guide is intended to inform homeowners of common lawn problems and their visual description. These descriptions are only a guide and are not intended to replace a proper diagnosis by your lawn care professional. If your lawn has one of the following problems, your Bobby Lawn Care Professional will be happy to assist you in the steps to regaining a healthy lawn.

Problem #1:
Do you have patches of yellowing turf, that comes up like a “carpet”. Have animals, i.e. skunks been digging up the lawn? 
This usually indicates a white grub insect problem.

Problem # 2
Do you have irregular shaped patches of yellow or dying grass progressing from hedges and fence areas. 
This usually indicates a chinch bug insect problem.

Problem # 3:
Do you have round circular or irregular shaped patches of yellowing turfgrass with lesions or spots along on the leaf blades? 
This usually indicates a leaf spot disease.

Problem # 4:
Do you have circles of dead grass with healthy tufts of grass in the centre ? 
This usually indicates a disease called necrotic ring spot.

Problem #5:
Do you have straw coloured patches of damaged turf that are not recovering this spring? You may have winter damage or a disease.

Problem # 6:
Do you have patches of grass of a different texture that tends to die off during the summer and is starting to take over?  
You may have creeping bentgrass.

Problem # 7
Do have round or irregular bleached patches of damaged grass on your lawn? This may be caused by your female dog.